Carolee Carmello

Carolee Carmello, B.A. ’83, American Actress 

Carolee Carmello

What do you find most challenging
about your job?

The unpredictability. Theater, and the entertainment industry in general, is not the most stable of careers, so that makes it really difficult. I had a really nice, long stretch of Broadway shows for eight years or so and now for the past nine months I haven’t had a show and it is really tough. Of course, it is tough financially, but also hard on your ego to not feel like you can relax at a certain point in your career.

How did your time at UAlbany prepare
you for your career?

They call it show business, and there really is a business side to it. The things that I learned when I was in the School of Business really help me with the organization and financial aspects of show business that maybe some actors are not quite as prepared for, so I am grateful for that.

Who was your favorite faculty member or what was your favorite class at UAlbany and why?

John Levato. He showed a genuine interest in students and me in particular. I always felt he really cared that I was enjoying my time, picking the right classes and preparing myself for the future. He took an interest. In a large university like Albany, if you feel someone on the faculty really has your interests at heart, it makes a difference.

What is your favorite memory of your time spent at UAlbany?

The social aspects. I was an RA on Dutch Quad; there were lots of parties and friends just hanging out on the quad. Those friendships and relationships that you form from being together all the time are very important. I had friends in the Business School, too, but I think there is something special about the people you meet in your living situation.

What did you learn at UAlbany outside the classroom?

Time management. This came in very handy after school. Between my career, my parenting and all the juggling that comes along with that, I really had to rely on my time management skills to keep all the balls up in the air. It is really hard, but it is an important thing you learn in college; how to meet all the requirements that everyone is throwing at you and allow yourself to get everything done in a timely fashion.

What advice would you give current UAlbany students?

Get involved. Stretch your comfort zone a little bit. Join groups and clubs, and try new activities that you have never tried before. Try to feel part of the smaller communities that exist within the larger university community. It is a great time in your life to try new things; see what you like, and see what people you connect with. That will really be so important in the rest of your life.