Board Meeting Notice

Board of Directors
meetings to be held:
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Saturday, May 3, 2014

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  • B. Executive Committee
  • C. Income & Expense
  • D. Audit
  • E. Nominations
  • F. Investment Committee
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  • Board Directory
    • Board of Directors

      Timothy P. Murphy '77

      Joseph N. Garba '02, '05

      Diane M. Hodurski-Foley '93, '95

      George P. Warnock, CPA '79

      Immediate Past President
      Canon Kay C. Hotaling '67, '70

      Chairperson, Alumni Volunteer Council
      Warren A. Winslow '73

      Allison Bashkoff '92
      Gail Berley '73
      Peter W. Brusoe '03, '04
      Casey W. Crandall '07, '12
      Jill Delaney '96
      Brian C. Fessler '06, '07
      Alex J. Fredericks '95
      Bruce R. Gaynor '89
      Kevin Grossman, Esq. '01
      Carole S. Harnoff '74
      Dr. Robert J. Jones, University President
      Dr. Sharon R. Kantor, Esq. '73
      Philip B. Kelly '96, '98 
      Richelle Konian '95
      Matthew J. LaRoche '05, '07
      Charlotte A. Lebron '93, '94
      Jeffrey L. Luks '91, '01
      Judy Koblintz Madnick '65, '66
      Sean M. Maguire '00, '04
      June Mastan '08
      Stacy Newman-Cilento '86, '89
      Carol Nordhausen Perrin '84,'85
      Catherine A. Provost '05 
      Donald E. Putterman '52, '53
      Fardin Sanai, V.P. Development
      David P. Schaffer, Esq. '83
      Marisa Sotomayor Esq. '03,'04
      Elizabeth T. Upke '07
      Christian T. Wessell '02, '04

      Alumni Representative to University Auxiliary Services Board
      Lee F. Serravillo Jr.

      Alumni Representative to University Council
      Timothy P. Murphy '77

      Alumni Representatives to University at Albany Foundation
      Nicholas Anacreonte '92
      Peter E. Bulger '77
      Elda A. DiRe '83
      Kimberly A. Sanger Jones '87
      Dr. Sharon R. Kantor, Esq. '73

      Board Emeriti
      Dr. Arthur N. Collins '48
      Dr. Kenneth T. Doran '39
      Harold C. Hanson, Esq. '63
      George M. Philip, '69, '73

      Last updated May 2013



      Board Nominations

      Greetings from the University at Albany Alumni Association Nominating Committee. The Alumni Association encourages a lifelong commitment of participation in the University community and provides volunteer leadership opportunities for alumni. At this time, we are beginning the nomination process for the Alumni Association Board of Directors’ seats that will become available in 2014. The Association would especially benefit from individuals with backgrounds in finance/accounting, marketing, event programming, non-profit management and business.

      Please consider nominating a University alumna or alumnus who you believe would be interested in serving on the Alumni Association Board of Directors. To make a nomination, the form below should be completed and returned to Lee Serravillo, Executive Director, University at Albany Alumni Association, by November 25, 2013. Alternatively, you may e-mail the form to or fax to (518) 442-3207. After review by the Nominations Committee, the names of recommended nominees will be submitted to the Alumni Association membership for election at the Annual Meeting to be held in May.

      If you should have any questions, please contact Lee Serravillo at the Alumni Association office, (518) 442-3080. Thank you for your participation.

      Download Nomination Form