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Kirtland W. Perry



Kirtland W. Perry graduated from the State Normal School in 1881. In December 1912, the school's newspaper, The Echo, published the following letter, which had been written by US President William H. Taft to thank the Captain Perry, the officers and men of the USRC "Manning" for their assistance during an erruption of Mount Katmai, an Alaska volcano.


"From the official reports received from the commanding officer of the Bering Sea fleet, and from other sources as well, it appears that during the recent eruption of the volcano known as Mount Katmai, in Alaska, you and the officers and men of the 'Manning' performed gallant work.

"While you could have put to sea at the commencement of the eruption and thus taken your command out of the zone of danger, it is of record that you remained in port in the face of apparent destruction, in order to give such aid as possible to those on shore, who had no means of escape, and that your officers and men welcomed your action.

"The able manner in which you assumed charge of the surrounding cournty, both during and fter the catastrophe, to the end that not only were all the people saved, but order was restored out of chaotic conditions, compels admiration and deserves praise.

"It is my pleasure, therefore, to commend you, your officers, and your men for their heroic services on this occasion.

"Very respectfully,

(signed)"Wm. H. Taft"



Updated July 12, 2001