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Richard Margison



Richard Margison graduated from SCT in 1937. Before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the American entrance into WWII, he was drafted for one year's service in the Army in July, 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed his plans, and he remained in the Army, serving first in the Asian theater, then graduating from Officer Candidate School before going to England to train for the invasion of France.

He landed on Omaha Beach in June 15, 1944, and fought with Patton's Third Army across Europe, reaching Czechoslovakia by the end of the war.

He left the service in the fall of 1945, having attained the rank of captain, and returned to teaching.

The upper photograph shows Marginson in Luxembourg on December 25, 1944 and the other in Westick, Germany in April 1945.

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Updated September 18, 2001