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Albert J. Kaehn



Albert J. Kaehn enrolled in the New York State College for Teachers in 1947. He received a BA in mathematics in 1951 and an MA the following year.

He writes "I entered the United States Air Force (USAF) in July 1952, was commissioned a Second Lieutenant at that time, and retired from the USAF in September 1982 after 30 years of active duty; I retired in the grade of brigadier general. In the event you might be interested in some things that happened along the way, I'll provide then in what will hopefully appear as a non-self-serving way.

"When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, I had just completed my Junior year at Albany. I was looking forward to a career in teaching/education, and coaching baseball and basketball at some high school in upstate New York (I had the good fortune of playing varsity baseball and basketball during my undergraduate years at Albany.) I had a "deferment" in the "draft: (the Selective Service System) which enabled me to complete my senior year and finish my BA in 1951. By taking a series of tests administered by Selective Service, I have the good fortune to obtain a one-year deferment which enabled me to receive my MA in 1952. There were a number of my friends who pursued the same path at that time--many of whom entered the service in 1952 as I did.

"I enlisted in the USAF, and was accepted in a special program in Meteorology. The Air Force sent me to the Pennsylvania State University for meteorology training...in the Air Force program we took 48 credits in 12 calendar months and received a BS in Meteorology in 1953. My first assignment in the "real" Air Force was to a base in Korea known as K-13 (Suwon, about 30 miles south of Seoul), where I spend most of 1954.

"It was in 1982 that I completed 30 years of active service and reached mandatory retirement. Throughout it all, I had the love, support, understanding and concern of a wonderful wife and two great children. Come this September, my wife, Melinda, and I will celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary.

"Following military service, I worked in industry until 1994; I was the Director of marketing for a large Florida-based company, responsible for business development in information technology and advanced communication systems. But nothing could replace or match those years in the USAF."



Updated June 26, 2001