Dr. Robert Paeglow, B.S. ’76

Physician and Co-Founder, Koinonia Primary Care

Dr. Robert PaeglowWhat do you find most challenging about your job?
Operating within a health care system that is broken and caring for a population that is tremendously stressed by poverty and social decline in the inner city. It is very challenging to provide health care to folks that are primarily trying to survive. Preventative health care becomes low on their priority list.

How did your time at UAlbany prepare you for your career?
I was well prepared for the basic components of medical school. The education was very good and it gave me an adequate background to really excel in within the medical field.

Who was your favorite faculty member or what was your favorite class at UAlbany?
Coach Bob Ford. He had a tremendous influence on my life both as a teacher and a person.  Just having the opportunity to sit under his teaching for four years was an incredible experience -- one that I value greatly to this day. I took a course in coaching that he was a part of; he taught me a lot of life lessons as well as academic information.

What is your favorite memory of your time at UAlbany?
Celebrating our undefeated football season in 1974. We were the only team thus far to go undefeated.

What did you learn at UAlbany outside the classroom?
How to interact and relate to people from vastly different backgrounds, cultures, diversities. I came from a small high school and basically everyone there was like me. It was quite a leap learning how to appreciate and work alongside people who are diverse and also learning how to cope with a large school setting.

What advice would you give current students?
In this current economy, it is very important that people develop marketable skills. You also need to really take seriously the selection of courses and effort put in. It is essential to develop skills that will enable you to compete in competitive market places. The economy has changed from manufacturing to service based, and it is very important to have those skills. It is also important to get a well-rounded education. You’ve really got to be able to sell yourself in a certain skill set; college is a wonderful opportunity to develop that skill set, which can pave the way for success.