Building on Our Strengths

The SUNY AGEP program has garnered many significant successes over the years. Some key successes include:

  • Winner of the first Council of Graduate Schools/Peterson's Award in 1999 for Innovation in Promoting an Inclusive Graduate Community. SUNY AGEP played a key role in formulating the ideas that led to this award. This award is funding two statewide conferences to help develop and implement strategies to promote inclusive graduate education.
  • SUNY contributes more than $6 million for full fellowships for minority students who are pursuing graduate degrees. At Stony Brook, Albany, Binghamton, and Buffalo, there have been an increase in minority students receiving these funds.
  • The strong alliances with SUNY LSAMP assures that an increasing number of minority SEM students are ready to enter the graduate pipeline.
  • Minority Professoriate Initiatives have been initiated at several SUNY campuses.
  • Forging individual relationships with each AGEP student through retention efforts by AGEP program staff and by providing financial and social support.
  • A series of initiatives to help students select SUNY AGEP institutions such as the Summer Research Institute for undergraduates, funds to invite potential candidates for a visit, and top-off fellowship awards for a more competitive edge.
  • Creating a network of students, faculty, and administrators to deal with many relevant complex issues affecting AGEP students. This process is building university communities throughout the Alliance that actively contribute to program design.