Department of Africana Studies

A famous poet once said, “Knowledge is power.” The Department of Africana Studies at the University at Albany motivates students (majors, minors, and all who love knowledge) to learn and to enter the real world to serve. Our Department enrolls students from all over the world who drink deep from our course offerings. In our nationally-ranked Department, students learn about Africa’s ways of life, about African Americans' ways of life, about African languages, about black religion, about black arts, literature, psychology, black history, the law and the black community, public speaking, critical thinking, expository writing, race theory and social thought, geography of Africa, black popular culture, statistics, among many other areas concerning Africa and black America. 

An excerpt from The Power and Beauty of an Africana Studies Degree by Dr. Leonard A. Slade, Jr.

Images from Commencement 2016

The Department of Africana Studies would like to recognize the following Graduate Students:

Arcadia Le Vias and Wilbert St.Hilaire. Ms. Levias will be the Student Commencement Speaker for the department’s Commencement Ceremony on May 14, 2016. She will be serving in the Peace Corps after graduation. Mr. St.Hilaire will be entering the Ph.D. program in African American Studies at Temple University starting next fall. Our best wishes go out to both and the rest of the Graduating Class of 2016.


The Department of Africana Studies at the University at Albany promotes excellence in teaching, research, and service. The Department is concerned with the study of the experiences of the people of Africa and the African diaspora. Through the study of such disciplines as history, politics, economics, culture, literature, sociology, and psychology, the Department aims to engender an appreciation of diversity and emphasize the ways in which Africans and people of African descent in the Americas have constructed and interpreted their own lives and cultures.