Dr. Allen Ballard 

Visiting Professor

Ph.D. from Harvard University

Specialty Area: African-American History

Special Honors:

Fulbright Scholar

Collins Fellow

Office: SS 060K Phone: (518) 442-5300 aballard@albany.edu

Dr. Leonard A. Slade, Jr. 


Adjunct Professor of English

Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

L.H.D. from Kentucky State University

Specialty Areas: Black Literature, Poetry, Creative Writing, 19th Century American Literature (Herman Melville), English Composition and Rhetoric, The Black Essay, English Education, Textual Editing, American Literary Bibliography

Research Areas: Black American Poetry, George Moses Horton (First Black Poet of the South).

Selected Publications

For the Love of Freedom


Sweet Solitude: New and Selected Poems

Special Honors:

Collins Fellow

Citizen Academic Laureate

Excellence in Teaching Awardee

Poetry Gold Medal of Excellence

Office: BA 118A    Phone: (518) 442-4726 LSlade@albany.edu

Dr. Marcia Sutherland 

Associate Professor

Ph.D. from Howard University

Specialty Areas: African (Black) Psychology, The Social and Psychological Development of Black Children, and Research Methods.

Research Areas: Caribbean Immigrants in the United Kingdom, African (Black) Psychology from a Global Perspective, and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa and in the Diaspora.

Special Honors:

Excellence in Teaching Awardee

Office: BA 115 Phone: (518) 442-4730 ms781@albany.edu 

Dr. Oscar R. Williams 

Associate Professor and Chair

Ph.D. from The Ohio State University

Specialty Areas: African American History, African American Literature, American Slavery, and Black Nationalism.

Research Areas: 20th Century African American History, 19th Century African American History (with emphasis on Antebellum Slavery), and African American Intellectual History.

Office: BA 115B Phone: (518) 442-4593 owilliams@albany.edu