Advising PLUS

Advising PLUS is the place to go when you aren’t sure where to get what you need to be successful. We will work with you to identify what will help, and get you connected with campus resources. Come see us today!

Academic Assistance

If you are struggling academically, Advising PLUS can help. Our staff will work with you to identify why you are experiencing difficulty, and will create an individualized plan of action with you to address your needs. There are no costs for any of these services. Your plan may include:

Spring 2017 tutoring available online from Sunday, Feb. 5th through Thursday, May 11th

Online tutoring
Free, live online support is available through a consortium of SUNY colleges and universities. During fall 2016, from September 6th to December 8th (except during Thanksgiving break), help is available online for accounting, biology, computer science, chemistry, economics, nursing, physics, psychology, math, and writing on Sunday through Thursday evenings from 7pm until midnight. For more information and instructions on working with an online tutor click here.

Study Groups
Weekly sessions connected to a specific class or group of students. These sessions will review material covered in class. Small size allows students additional time to ask questions and master the information.

Review sessions
Geared toward mid-term and finals time periods. Review sessions help students focus their test preparation efforts.

Individual tutoring offered by academic departments. Students can attend as often as needed, and receive individual assistance with assignments, test preparation, and mastering texts.

Peer tutoring
Advanced successful undergraduates provide individual assistance with study skills and specific coursework.

Engaged Learning

Engaged learning experiences are excellent opportunities to broaden your academic experience. Each of these offer you a chance to learn in a different way and to find out more about your own interests and abilities and goals. We encourage students to include one of these opportunities in at least one semester each year. Advising PLUS will help you match your needs with the available opportunities.

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Community-Engaged Courses
  • Community and Public Service Program
  • Study Abroad  
  • Internships