Engaged Learning

Engaged-learning provides an excellent opportunity to broaden your academic experience. Each of these opportunities offers you a chance to learn in a different way and to find out more about your own interests, abilities and goals.  We encourage students to include one of these opportunities in at least one semester each year.  Come see us to work out your plan!

Engaged-Learning Opportunities

Community-Engaged Courses

    APLN 220 - Introductory Urban Planning
     ASPC 395 - Capitalize on Community

Community and Public Service Program

    RSSW 290 - Community and Public Service Program
    RSSW 291 - Human Service in the Community
    RSSW 390 - Community and Public Service Program II

Study Abroad

    UAlbany Programs
    4 Year School Programs
    2 Year School Programs


    UNI 290
    UNI 390
    Departmental Internships
    Non-credit Opportunities

Research Opportunities