Who Studies at UAlbany?

Students come to UAlbany from across the United States and the world, representing more than 90 nations and a vast array of ideas and worldviews. They come here to study subjects as diverse as studio art and financial market regulation, and they go on to successful careers in a wide array of fields.

But for all their differences, UAlbany students share some key characteristics, including a serious commitment to learning and a desire to explore new ideas and new ways of looking at the world.

Here are some numbers that tell a bit more about the University at Albany's 12,875 undergraduate students.

Male: 52%
Female: 48%

Caucasian: 57%
African American: 13%
Hispanic: 12%
Asian: 7%
International: 4%

Academic Preparation
Average GPA of accepted freshmen: 91.1
Mid-range SAT (Critical Reading + Math) for accepted freshmen: 1090-1240

Most Popular Majors
Business and Accounting
Sciences including Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Science, and Physics
Political Science
English, Communication, and Journalism
Criminal Justice
Computer Science and Information Science