Opportunity Within Reach

Your choice of college will affect a lot more than the next  four years of your life.

This decision will lay the foundation for the person you become—the way you think and question, the friendships and connections you make, and the career path you pursue.

That’s why you should consider UAlbany: a university that provides academic excellence at a great value, a strong foundation to support its students and prepare them for academic and career success; and valuable, lasting connections among fellow students, faculty and alumni.

In the following videos, you’ll meet nine graduates who have made the most of their UAlbany education.
During their time on campus they worked hand-in-hand with faculty and fellow students; participated in social, intellectual, and athletic events; and tapped UAlbany’s extensive alumni network. Today they have promising careers in medicine, law, finance, technology, and education.

Each of them shares a different story of how UAlbany placed opportunities within their reach —
and how UAlbany can do the same for you.

  • Alexis Imprescia

    Tax Accountant, Diversified Staff Group
    Ernst & Young
    UAlbany, 2010: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
    UAlbany, 2011: Master of Science in Taxation

  • Daniel Morales-Armstrong

    Assistant Director, ENLACE Program
    Bronx Institute at Lehman College
    UAlbany, 2010: Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Psychology
    Harvard University, 2011: Master of Education in Prevention Science and Practice

  • Cynthia Bernal, MD

    OB/GYN Resident
    Rochester General Hospital
    UAlbany, 2005: Bachelor of Science in Human Biology & Biochemistry
    Ross University School of Medicine, 2009: Doctor of Medicine

  • Matthew Laroche

    Law Clerk to the Honorable Richard C. Wesley
    UAlbany, 2005: Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice
    UAlbany, 2007: Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
    Albany Law School, 2010: Juris Doctor

  • Jason Behnke

    Lithography Process Engineer
    UAlbany, 2010: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
    UAlbany, 2011: Master of Science in Nanoscale Engineering


    Emily Behnke

    Assistant Director, Energy and Environmental Technology Application Center
    UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering
    UAlbany, 2004: Bachelor of Arts in English
    UAlbany, 2006: Master of Business Administration

  • Steve Severin

    Senior Information Technology Auditor
    American Express
    UAlbany, 2008: Bachelor of Science in Business
    Administration / Finance and Information Technology

  • Allyson Impallomeni

    Graduate Student
    New York University
    UAlbany, 2010: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
    New York University, 2012: Master of Science in Biology

  • Jeffrey Castillo


    Vice President, Higher Education and Cultural
    Institutions Banking
    JP Morgan Chase
    UAlbany, 2006: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
    Baruch College, 2011: Master of Business Administration