Apply to The Honors College

This webpage is for incoming freshmen admitted to the University at Albany who would like to apply for a place in The Honors College.

All incoming freshmen are eligible to apply to The Honors College. To see which applicants are most likely to be successful, visit the application page of The Honors College website.

To apply to The Honors College you must do the following:
  1. Read the essay on Striving For Excellence
  2. Determine one or more areas of your life in which you will strive for excellence during your first year of college
  3. Describe these and why they are important to you in a few paragraphs, and
  4. Submit your essay to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by March 1 or April 1

Your essay should be thoughtful and well written. In the past, a length of 300-500 words has been common, although longer or shorter essays can be submitted. In addition to your essay, The Honors College admissions committee will review your high school transcript, test scores, and supplemental application materials.

The admissions committee will review applications in mid-March and mid-April. All applications received on or before April 1 will be reviewed by the committee. Applications received after April 1 will only be reviewed if space remains in The Honors College.

All students who submit an application by the April 1 deadline will receive a response from The Honors College admissions committee in advance of the May 1 enrollment deposit deadline.

Applying to The Honors College by April 1 does not mean that you are committed to attending UAlbany. You do not need to send your enrollment deposit with your application by the April 1 application deadline. The deadline for submitting your enrollment deposit is May 1, which is the same for all incoming freshmen.

  • Applying by April 1 and then deciding to attend another university means that you will spend the time writing the essay and yet never attend The Honors College. However, it is reasonable to argue that thinking about striving for excellence next year will be useful for you, regardless of where you attend college.
  • Waiting to submit your application until after the April 1 deadline or until you have sent your enrollment deposit means that you can wait to write your essay until you are sure you will attend UAlbany. However, your application will only be reviewed if space in The Honors College remains after the April 1 deadline.

Any questions or concerns about admission to The Honors College can be sent to

Honors College Application Form

Please type your response to the essay on Striving for Excellence below (you may also copy and paste it from another program). When you submit your application, it will be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and then forwarded to Professor Halpern. Someone from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will acknowledge receipt of your application within two business days via the email address that you enter below. If you do not receive an acknowledgment within two business days, please resubmit your application. Electronic submissions can occasionally get lost in transmission, so it is essential that you resubmit your application if you do not hear back from us that we have received it.  Otherwise, we will not get your application.

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