Administrator Assignments

When preparing to submit an application to a proposed sponsor, one of the first steps we recommend that you take, is to contact the Office for Sponsored Programs.  The Office for Sponsored Programs has a seasoned team of Research Administrators who will assist you in preparing, and submitting your application to the sponsor. This individual will assist faculty in reviewing and adhering to sponsor, University, and Research Foundation guidelines and policies. Budget development or review is provided for compliance to current and projected rates. If you are unable to contact your Research Administrator, and have immediate concerns, please contact Angelica Hutchinson, Office Coordinator, at 437-4550.

College of Arts and Sciences

African Studies Jennifer Doherty
Anthropology Jennifer Doherty
Art Leslie Smith
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Margy O'Brien
Biological Sciences Beth Quackenbush
Center for Autism and Related Disabilities Beth Quackenbush
CELAC Beth Quackenbush
Center for Jewish Studies Leslie Smith
Center for Neuroscience Research Beth Quackenbush
Center for Stress and Anxiety Disorders Beth Quackenbush
Center for X-Ray Optics Margy O'Brien
Chemistry Beth Quackenbush
Classics Leslie Smith
Communication Beth Quackenbush
Dean - College of Arts and Sciences Beth Quackenbush
East Asian Studies Jennifer Doherty
Economics Beth Quackenbush
English Leslie Smith
Geography and Planning Chris McCrary
History Beth Quackenbush
Institute for Research on Women Leslie Smith
Ion Beam Laboratory Beth Quackenbush
Judaic Studies Leslie Smith
Language, Literatures, and Culture Margy O'Brien
Latin America, Caribbean and US Latino Studies Beth Quackenbush
Mathematics and Statistics Beth Quackenbush
Mumford Center for Urban & Regional Research Jennifer Doherty
Music Leslie Smith
Philosophy Leslie Smith
Physics Margy O'Brien
Psychology Beth Quackenbush
Sociology Jennifer Doherty
Theatre Leslie Smith
University Art Museum Leslie Smith
Women's Studies Leslie Smith

College of Computing and Information

Center for Information Forensic Assurances Dave Usher
Department of Information Studies Dave Usher
CI - Dean's Office Dave Usher
Department of Computer Science Dave Usher

Rockefeller College

Center for Legislative Development Jessie Beauharnois
Center for International Development Tom Malone
Center for Policy Research Leslie Smith
Center for Women in Government and Civil Society Jessie Beauharnois
Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research Beth Quackenbush
National Center for Security and Preparedness Jessie Beauharnois
Political Science Leslie Smith
Professional Development Program Leslie Smith
Professional Development Program (OTDA only) Tom Malone
Public Administration and Policy Leslie Smith


School of Business

Dean - School of Business Leslie Smith
Small Business Development Center Leslie Smith

School of Criminal Justice

Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center Jennifer Doherty


School of Education

Albany Institute for Research in Education Tamar Sayer
Capital Area School Development Association Tamar Sayer
Child Research and Study Center Tamar Sayer
Dean - School of Education Tamar Sayer
Education Psychology and Statistics Tamar Sayer
Educational Administration and Policy Studies Tamar Sayer
Educational and Counseling Psychology Tamar Sayer
Educational Theory and Practice Tamar Sayer
Reading Tamar Sayer
School Psychology Program Tamar Sayer


School of Public Health

Biomedical Sciences Chris McCrary
Dean-School of Public Health Chris McCrary
Environmental Health Sciences Chris McCrary
Gen*NY*sis Center for Excellence in Cancer Genomics Chris McCrary
Health Policy, Management and Behavior Chris McCrary

School of Social Welfare

Center for Excellence in Aging Services Jennifer Doherty
Center for Human Services Research & Evaluation Jennifer Doherty
Institute of Gerontology Jennifer Doherty


Vice President for Academic Affairs

Educational Opportunity Program Jennifer Doherty
Graduate Studies Jennifer Doherty
Institute for Teaching, Learning & Academic Leadership Jennifer Doherty
New York State Writers Institute Jennifer Doherty
Office for International Education Jennifer Doherty
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs Jennifer Doherty
University Libraries Jennifer Doherty


Vice President for Finance and Business

NYS Small Business Development Centers Margy O'Brien
Office Jessie Beauharnois


Vice President for Research

Atmospheric Science Research Center Jessie Beauharnois
Center for Functional Genomics Chris McCrary
Center for Social and Demographic Analysis Jennifer Doherty
Center for Technology in Government Jessie Beauharnois
Institute for Health and the Environment Chris McCrary
Institute for Informatics, Logics, and Security Studies Lynne Casper
Gen*NY*sis Center for Excellence in Cancer Genomics Chris McCrary
North East Regional Forensic Institute Chris McCrary


Vice President for Student Success

Counseling Center Tamar Sayer
University Police Department Tamar Sayer