Joining Our Lab

Are you an undergraduate student interested in joining our lab? If so, please read more about applying to our lab below.

As you know, our research mainly focuses on problem gambling and other addictive behaviors. We prefer students who make a two-semester commitment because we invest time in training our undergraduate assistants and we want them to become competent in various lab tasks and, once they have developed sufficient skills, also involve them in running lab studies.

Being an undergraduate research assistant in our lab entails an 8-hour time commitment per week. We have weekly 1-hour lab meetings where we discuss issues related to ongoing research activities as well as present various topics relevant to students interested in going on to graduate school. The remaining 7 hours are spent under the direct supervision of one of the graduate students. As an undergraduate assistant, you will be helping us with entering and checking data, as well as helping with the set-up and running of ongoing experiments and related administrative tasks. One of the advantages of acquiring experience in a research lab and performing well is that it will make you more competitive for graduate school and you will also be able to obtain personal mentoring and a letter of recommendation from Dr. Wulfert.

Please note, we are not currently accepting new students.