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Forms: Pricing Study

The purpose of this study is to ensure that the current fee structure for this service represents the recovery of the actual cost incurred to provide this service.

Please detail below the various costs incurred to provide this service. Though your service is provided through an IFR account, it is understood that certain costs incurred may be funded by alternate means. In responding to the following questions, include ALL your costs regardless of where they are funded. All questions refer to costs incurred during the last fiscal year.

  1. What are the annual labor costs incurred to run the activity for which you charge a fee? Include faculty, staff, student assistants, and graduate assistants. Include the person's name and salary (if only a % of a person's time is spent on this activity only include that % of the person's salary).

  2. What are the annual cost of supplies used in this revenue generating activity? Please list each item separately along with its cost.

  3. What is the annual costs of equipment used in this activity? List any items purchased recently and items costing less than $500. In addition, please list the account number containing all capital assets used in this activity.

  4. Does your account pay administrative overhead and/or maintenance and operations overhead or does it have a waiver?

  5. What is your anticipated volume (i.e. customers, revenue, etc.)?

Prepared by: Date:

Phone: E-mail Address:

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Karen Lehoe at 442-3195.