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Travel Procedures: Citibank Travel Account (CTA)

Citibank Travel Account (CTA)

The Citibank Travel Account (CTA) is a New York State mandated account use for all air travel. All airfare must be charged to a Citibank Travel Account (CTA) with one of the state contracted travel agencies. Please see the State Contracted Agencies drop down for the list of Designated Travel Agencies.

To insure proper reconciliation of the CTA accounts, please make sure the proper University account is given to the travel agent when making the reservation.

Exceptions to the use of this contract shall only be made for emergency situations or where a special incentive fare may save more than $200 over the contract price. Exceptions to the use of the contract require prior approval by the Director of the State Accounting Office.

When making reservations, you must be able to provide the following information:

  1. The entity you are traveling for (SUNY Albany or the Research Foundation).

  2. The traveler's name and department account number, and destination and dates of the potential trip.

  3. Each travel agency has created a master profile and will create personal profiles for individuals who request them.

  4. In all cases of travel by air, the passenger's portion of the airline ticket must be attached to the Travel Voucher.

Intrastate air travel for trips less than 200 miles is prohibited. Travelers are prohibited from using air travel between New York City and Albany. If a traveler still chooses to travel by air when prohibited, the traveler will be reimbursed for travel only up to the amount of a bus or a train ticket, whichever is higher, unless specific exemption is given by the University President. The traveler should submit the President's approval to the Accounting Office with the travel request form before the trip is taken.

Please Note: Non-State Employees (Interviewees, Guest Speakers, etc.) must also follow the State air travel rules, which should include the proper departmental account information using the CTA.