University at Albany

Online Teaching and Learning

Online Teaching and Learning Steering Committee – 2016-17

The Online Teaching and Learning Steering Committee is a group of faculty members convened approximately once a month to provide advice, feedback and ideas for the further development of OTL options at UAlbany.

The Steering Committee will be asked to advise in developing University procedures and structures for the short, medium and longer term in the following areas:

  • What initiatives will work to improve faculty understanding of the applicability of these new teaching tools to course and curricular improvement?
  • What are the current barriers to growth in this area – administrative, cultural, technological and other -- for students and for faculty?
  • How do we support exploration and experimentation in emerging technologies and ultimately make investments in an environment of limited human and financial resources?
  • How do we ensure a quality educational experience through assessment of student learning and other forms of evaluation?


OTL Steering Committee:


Arts and Sciences

Karin Reinhold, Max Lifschitz, Susanna Fessler, Lee S. Bickmore


Victoria Kisekka

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Daphne Jorgensen


Elizabeth Gray

Criminal Justice

Stacey Zyskowski


Peter Shea, Virginia Goatley

Public Health

Brenda Kirkwood


Rey Koslowski

Social Welfare

Phil McCallion

University Libraries

Trudi Jacobson

Undergraduate Education

Jeanette Altaribba

Graduate Education

Kevin Williams




Chris Moore, Carole Sweeton


Billie Franchini

Provost Office

Sheila Mahan, Johanna Cole

Graduate Admissions Jane Champagne