University at Albany

Office of the Provost

NYSUNY 2020 Proposals

Spring 2012 Round Faculty Reviewers

J. Acker (Criminal Justice)
D. Andersen (Rockefeller/Public Administration)
A. Applebee (Education/Educational Theory and Practice)
G. Berg (Computing and Information/Computer Science)
S. Chengular-Smith (Business/ Information Technology Management)
R. Craig (Arts and Sciences/English)
J. Delano (Arts and Sciences/ Atmospheric and Environmental Science)
N. Denton (Arts and Sciences/Sociology)
P. Eppard (Computing and Information/Information Studies)
S. Fessler (Arts and Sciences/East Asian Studies)
R. Fortune (Social Welfare)
T. Harrison (Arts and Sciences/Communication)
T. Jacobson (University Libraries)
J. Marler (Business/Management)
D. McDowall (Criminal Justice)
B. Ramos (Social Welfare)
K. Rethemeyer (Rockefeller/Public Administration)
B. Shaw (Public Health/ Health Policy, Management, and Behavior)
M. Tenniswood (Public Health/Biomedical Science)
R. Yagelski (Education/Education Theory and Practice)
R. Zitomer (Arts and Sciences/Biology)