University at Albany

Academic Leadership

Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy


R. Karl Rethemeyer, Interim Dean

Renee Wallingford
Assistant to the Dean
MI 108
(518) 442-5246


Department of Political Science
Julie Novkov, MI 106, 442-5256

Department of Public Administration & Policy
R. Karl Rethemeyer, MI 101A, 442-5283

Center for Policy Research
Victor Asal, MI 300B, 591-8729

Center for Technology in government
Theresa Pardo, 442-3984

Center for Women in Government & Civil Society
Dina Refki, DR 312, 442-5127

Institute For Traffic Safety Management & Research
Debra Rood, 453-0291
80 Wolf Rd
Suite 607
Albany, NY 12205

Institute for Financial Market Regulation
David McCaffrey, 442-5282
Christina Sgarlata Chung, 445-3249

Professional Development Program
Eugene Monaco, UAB 415, 956-7807

Center for International Development (CID)
Malcolm Russell-Einhorn, 443-5124
Director, State University Plaza
99 Pine St, 4th Floor

Rockefeller Institute of Government (RIG)
Thomas Gais, 411 State Street, 443-5522

Project on Violent Conflict
Victor Asal, 442-5283
R. Karl Rethemeyer, Co-Directors, 591-8729

National Center for Security & Preparedness
Rick Mathews, 426-1263

Intergovernmental Studies Program
Sydney Cresswell, 442-5293

Initiative for System Dynamics in the Public Sector
Rod MacDonald, 442-5772