University leadership consists of a Senior Staff and an oversight and advisory body called the University Council.

The Senior Staff of the University at Albany consists of leaders and specialists from a variety of disciplines. Through their strategic guidance, these administrators strive to sustain UAlbany as a hub for new ideas - one that provides life-enhancing research and scholarship, a modern vision, an enriching and diverse academic experience, lasting connections, and excellence at a great value, through:

The University at Albany Council serves as an oversight and advisory body to the campus and to UAlbany's president and senior administration. In accordance with New York State Education Law, the Council comprises ten members; nine who are appointed to seven-year terms by the governor of the State of New York, and one student member elected in alternating years from among the campus' undergraduate and graduate students. The chair is appointed by the Governor

A more detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of the Council can be found in New York State Education Law, Article 8, Section 356.