UAC Chairís Report, 2003-2004

Joan N. Savitt

May 27, 2004

Members: Anne Hildreth, Political Science, Chair, Interdisciplinary Committee; Anton Konev, undergraduate student, fall only; Deborah Bernnard, Library; Faridah Jivani, graduate student rep, unable to attend at scheduled hour; Gerald Burke, Library; Gregory Stevens, College of Arts and Sciences; Helene Scheck, English, Chair, Curriculum and Honors Committee; Joan Savitt, International Education and French, Chair; Jogindar Uppal, Economics, unable to attend at scheduled hour; John Delano, EAS, unable to attend at scheduled hour, spring semester; John Pipkin, Geography and Planning, fall semester; Joshua Smith, Undergraduate Studies; Reed Hoyt, Music, Chair, CAS; Richard Collier, Undergraduate Studies; Robert Gibson, Registrar, Chair, CAAS; Steven Messner, Sociology, on sabbatical, spring semester; Sue Faerman, Dean; Suzanne Phillips, Advisement Services; Trudi Jacobson, Library.†

Members also served on the committees and subcommittees of the UAC, along with non-member volunteers.†

Most of the activities of the Council resulted in legislation.† During the 03-04 academic year, UAC met 23 times and brought 11 bills to the Senate.† The titles of the bills can serve as a summary of UACís major actions.

Bill No.0304-04: Revision of semester withdrawal deadline for students having less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average who wish to be readmitted for the following semester

Bill No.0304-05: Revisions within the General Education Program

Bill No.0304-06: Revisions in policies governing excuses from undergraduate classes, exams, and timely completion of assignments

Bill No.0304-08: Formal Elimination of the General Education Honors Program

Bill No.0304-09: Revision of the Criteria for Dean's List and Dean's Commendation for part-time Students

Bill No. 0304-11: Revisions of the Undergraduate English Major

Bill No. 0304-12: Revision of "Oral Discourse" General Education Criteria

Bill No. 0304-13: ROTC and Applied Elective Credit

Bill No. 0304-14: Undergraduate Admissions Policies

Bill No. 0304-23: Revisions of Undergraduate Programs in "Earth Science" and "History/Social Studies"

Bill No. 0304-26:† Definitions of Undergraduate Credit

Other topics

In the fall, at the request of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies, UAC recommended the elimination of the restriction on Seniors advance registering in 100 level courses for the spring, 04 semester and then supported revised regulations for re-implementing the restrictions for the following registration period.† Course availability remains a major issue for this university.

The Council also prepared a resolution calling for UA to reject a type of assessment proposed by SUNY System Administration.† This resolution, Senate Resolution No. 0304-05R University at Albany Resolution on General Education Assessment, introduced by SUNY Faculty Senator Richard Collier, on 4/19/04, followed the thread established by Senate Resolution No. 0203-02R, which dealt with a similar topic.

As a result of a discussion of grievance related to plagiarism at a UAC meeting, members of the University Library staff modified a web site devoted to that topic so that all students would be able to use it, and the Deanís office would be able to advise all faculty teaching undergraduate courses to add mention of that site to their syllabi.

Carry-over topics

The Council studied the question of advisement during summer planning conferences.† A task force will begin meeting this summer to prepare a proposal for consideration by the 04-05 UAC early in the fall of 2004.

Other carry-over topics:

- Should UA continue to award second Bachelorís degrees?† If so, should they be eligible for honors?† Should prior grades be counted in that case?† How do we work with students who enter 2nd degree programs from General Studies?†

- Policy for admission of general studies students for regular, first degrees.

Committee and sub-committee work

The committees and subcommittees of UAC performed their assigned tasks, reviewing many changes in majors, minors, various majorsí admission requirements, and other departmental regulations, as requested.† These actions appear in the minutes of the UAC and/or the Senate, as appropriate, and in the list of bills presented to the Senate.

The Committee on Academic Standing dealt with approximately 300 readmits, late drops, S/U changes, etc.

Two final appeals were studied by the CAAS at the close of the spring, 2004 semester.† Actions were reported to the Deanís office.

The Curriculum and Honors Committee studied a proposed revision to the Honors Program in History.† An extensive response was forwarded to the department.† Further action on this proposal is expected in the 04-05 academic year.

Detailed minutes of all council meetings have been submitted.† There are no separate committee reports.