LISC Minutes April 27, 05


In attendance:

Christine Haile, Roger Gifford, Martin Fogelman, Dan White, Barbara Via, Meredith Butler, Larry Raffalovich, Thomas Hoey, Michael Matis, Cath Lawson, Carole Sweeton, Pete Connolly, Sue Faerman, Tom Bessette, Peter Shrock, Dave Wagner.


I.                     Minutes from previous meeting accepted with the addition of the attendance list.

II.                   Reports

A)     Chair Report

1)       Search for library dean progressing swiftly – meeting next week of search committee

2)       Council will remain the same until September.


B)      CIO Report

1)       Programming budget plan – still receiving input from different divisions about future IT needs

C)      Dean of Libraries

1)       Met with a representative from NYS attorney general’s office about publishing monopolies – Rep. Is an anti-trust attorney – Although publishing companies may have a monopoly they may not be doing anything illegal

2)       Information about copyrights needs to get out to the university community in a more systematic fashion.

3)       Asked for a resolution from LISC to Senate for next year about copyright issues

4)       2 handouts – Sparc website and dashboard for the president

D)      Director of CETL – nothing to report

E)       Little LISC – review of authentication systems

F)       Library acquisition will meet next week to discuss budget and interaction with the GSO among other topics

G)      Barbara met with Graduate Student organization reps

1)       students are concerned about not being able to find books in the library

2)       responsiveness from library has improved – now students can obtain missing material from interlibrary loan

3)       A thorough inventory is recommended (by Meredith)

4)       Security/theft at the Main U Library is a major challenge

H) Reminder of the NIH policy for open access after 6 months – articles that receive funding from NIH need to be available on PubMed 6 months or sooner after publication.


III.                 New Business

A)     Revised email policy – Campus policy proposed by CIO

1) will be considered the students official email address

2)       Official notifications that were once sent by US mail can now also be sent via email to the students official email address

3)       A companion guideline piece will also be provided.  Make it short and to the point.

4)       Sue Faerman – asked for clarification from the perspective of academic integrity and notification to student from faculty of infractions.  What about internal WebCt mail?  Does that count as official?

5)       Question: What is the policy to support email after graduation/withdrawal?

6)       Request to eliminate the “preferred” email section of the MyUAlbany bio/demo screen

B)      Classroom needs assessment

1)       Carole Sweeton and Tom Connolly – Touched base with a wide contingent for needs

2)       General themes from handout – Each room should have technology installed, there should be consistency across the campus, need for more digital workshops, East campus has no electronic classrooms, software should be consistent throughout the campus classrooms, students should have access to this software from home, downtown campus worried that Husted renovation may stall tech improvements until after it is complete, one time money situation and the funds are almost expired. 

C)      Open access

1)       Handouts- examples of open access policy statement from Columbia and Berkeley

2)       Discussion of faculty activity reports and their general usage

3)       Roger Gifford – discussion of draft resolution for open access

4)       Models for resolution that we can take up in the fall

5)       Agenda item #1 for the Fall open access