In Attendance: Dan White, Martin Fogelman, Thomas Hoey, Raef Lawson, Meredith Butler, Barbara Via, Larry Raffalovich, Christine Haile, Michael Matis, Peter Shrock, Dave Wagner


November 30 minutes approved

Dan continues as secretary

Dave asked us to think about who should chair next year


Chair’s Report

            No new business since last meeting

            Waiting for open-source document to be submitted to LISC

            Dave-Barbara on committee to replace head of Library

CIO Report

            ITS Liaison group started meeting in Nov.

                        Has met 3 times already

                        Windows file storage issue

Each division as its own file space to manage                

School of Ed. is first

                                    Presidents office is next

Public PC security

            User login security

Plan for library to be secured

Rest of campus will eventually be secured


            Deployment is a funding issue

            Looking at cost

            Concern for rogue access points

            Some wireless access points on campus are not secure

            Difficult to identify rogue devices

            “war walk” – audit from state found rogue points

            offices and Res. Halls

            fee basis for offices to implement

            wrestling with funding priorities

            tracking level of internet for wireless should be directed to CIO office

            Dave- discussion with Executive committee found that whelen is a priority



            Competitive                                          frill continuum


Pete Conolly

            Adequacy of classroom tech, is being discussed

            Stage 2 development

            Month of March completion date for info gathering

Open Source question

            Making sig. use of open source tech.

CETL media service, SPAM block utility

Linux support for desktop has not been in great demand so far

CIO willing to talk to Seth Chaikin about needs


Library Director Report- Meredith Butler

Jan. 29 report to SUNY Univ. Faculty Senate long term consequences of under-

funding journals

Prices going up and not increasing acquisition budget is potentially devastating

Ask Faculty senate need to become more involved

As it stands we would need to cut ¼ of journals- obviously unsustainable

Library acquisition advisory committee will address this spring

NIH Proposal passed

            For faculty who receive NIH grants Pubmed control

                        Faculty can make their pub open access

            Other gov’t agencies are sure to follow

Faculty should be encouraged to use open access

Open access workshop- Peter Zubar PhD

“Mr. Open Access” – for journal editors, researchers, faculty - 35 participants

Faculty Web use- student web use forum

            Upcoming event


No report from CETL


Other Issues

            Institutional repository

            Information retention in ITS- Martin Fogelman

ITS Projects

            New student financials on PS

Dars  à DARWIN

Graduate student survey – Barbara

Unix is alive and well