The Graduate Academic Council will meet again, tomorrow, April 13, 2005 at 8:30AM in UAB320.


1. Consideration of the draft minutes from the GAC meeting of 4/6/05 (attachment)

2. Dean's Report - M. Pryse

3. Chair's Report - L.-A. McNutt

Old Business

4. Proposed GAC Charter Change - S. Messner, Governance Council (attachment forthcoming)

5. IRB Policy Proposal Update

6. Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Policy Proposal (attachment)

7. Task Force on Academic Dishonesty & Plagiarism (attachment)

8. Ombuds Bill Implementation (previous distribution)

Any New Business

<<GAC Minutes 4_6_05.doc>> <<Dissertation Policy Bill 4_05.doc>> <<Plagiarism TF.doc>>