Graduate Academic Council Members:

The next meeting of the Council will be held this coming Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 8:30AM in UAB320. The agenda is packed. Please arrive in time for a prompt start at 8:30AM.

Chair McNutt has asked that I highlight for you the new business agenda item below pertaining to emerging governance interfaces between the Senate, its councils and the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE). Representatives from the working group that developed the attached concept paper on this topic will be joining the GAC at the 4/6/05 meeting to aid in Council discussions on this matter. Please be sure to review the concept paper in advance.

Please alert me in advance if you will be unable to attend the 4/6/05 GAC meeting. Note, too, that the Council is also scheduled to meet the following week on 4/13/05 at the same time and location.

Agenda, GAC, 4/6/05

1. Consideration of the draft minutes of the GAC meeting of 3/10/05 (attachment)

2. Dean's Report - M. Pryse

3. Chair's Report - L.-A. McNutt

4. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - S. Shahedipour (1 attachment; 1 forthcoming)

5. Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures - D. Byrd (attachments - 2)

6. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - M. Rodriguez (attachment forthcoming)

7. New Business

7a. GAC Representation on Provost's Task Force on Academic Dishonesty (attachment) - Dean Pryse

7b. Governance Interface with CNSE (attachment)

8. Old Business

8a. Dissertation Policy (attachment)

8b. Ombuds Bill Implementation (attachment)

<<GAC Minutes 3_10_05.doc>> <<GAC CAAS Minutes_Report 2_22_05.doc>> <<GAC CEPP Minutes_Report 3_30_05.doc>> <<IRB GAC Bill complete.doc>> <<Plagiarism TF.doc>> <<CNSE GradFrame030905.doc>> <<Dissertation Policy Bill 4_05.doc>> <<Ombuds Senate Bill 0405-13.doc>>