Graduate Academic Council

2003 – 2004

Minutes of the Council meeting of April 22, 2004

Approved by the Council on September 27, 2004

In attendance:       A. Pomerantz, C. Smith, D. Farr, H. Charalambous (Chair), H. Meyer, J. Bartow (staff) L. Trubitt, M. Casserly, S. Friedman, S. Ramanathan & S. Lee

Unable to attend: A. Ticano, F. Cornet, D. Byrd, J. Mumpower, R. Geer, S. Shahedipour, L.-A. McNutt & S. Chen (on leave),

Guests:                   J. Welch, B. Laurenzi & F. Hauser, Dept. of Chemistry

B. Daniel, Dept. of Economics

1.                    Minutes from the meeting of 4/1/04 were unanimously (7-0-0) approved as presented.

2.                    Dean’s Report – J. Bartow for J. Mumpower

·         Graduate Admission Status Reports were distributed.

3.                    Chair’s Report – H. Charalambous

·         The Senate has approved the various GAC sponsored bills presented.  The next Senate meeting is scheduled for 5/6/04.

·         The Senate may take up a debate regarding what level of faculty governance should have final authority in considering graduate curricular matters.

4.                    Committee on Curriculum & Instruction

The 4/21/04 written report of the CC&I, appended to the end of these minutes, was presented.

Professor Daniel from Economics addressed the lingering issue of the culminating experience in the proposed MA Economics – Economic Forecasting track.  She explained that this track will be more research focused than other MA Economic concentrations.  The Forecasting track will involve group work, a seminar, and submittal of an individual major research paper.  In her judgement, this will meet the spirit of the standard thesis or special project requirement.

The proposed changes to MS Accounting and Taxation programs were acceptable without significant discussion.

The Council voted 8-0-1 to accept the CC&I report and in doing so approve all the recommendations contained therein. 

5.                    Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing – S. Shahedipour

No report

6.                    Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures – A. Pomerantz

No report

7.                    Proposal to Establish a M.S. Program in Applied Chemistry

Professor John Welch, Chair, Department of Chemistry, introduced the degree program proposal to the Council.  He noted it will be a professional masters program and is envisioned (1) to populate courses & labs; (2) become a vehicle for infrastructure improvements; and (3) serve self-paying students.  Describing the program as a win-win-win, he indicated its only primary danger was being overly popular/successful.

Prof. Lee inquired about thesis requirements.  Prof. Welch indicated the culminating project in a major report from the field experience.

Prof. Charalambous inquired about courses and program relationship to the Forensic Biology program.  Prof. Welch indicated that most courses already exist and only a few new ones are needed.  Prof. Laurenzi indicated the Forensic Chemistry program will be analytically focused while the Biology program is DNA focused.

Discussion continued pertaining to part-time students, internships, content of courses, class scheduling and the recommendations of the external reviewers.

The Council voted to approve the Proposal by a vote of 9-0-0 and recommend its approval to the Senate.

8.                    Ombudsperson – H.Meyer

Prof. Meyer highlighted the Harvard model that was just started last year involving two senior faculty and one staff member, plus an 8-10 member broad-based committee.  It is open to all, not only students.  A matter of persuasion and mediation behind the scenes.  Resource issue:  staff person.  Reports annually to the University Community, but not technically a unit of governance.

Chair Charalambous asked Prof. Meyer to draft a proposal for the GAC & Senate to consider in 2004-05.


To:          Graduate Academic Council

From:      Jon Bartow, on behalf of the

                GAC Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (CC&I)

Date:       April 21, 2004

Subj.:      Report and Recommendations

The CC&I met on 4/21/04.  In attendance were: D. Parker, J. Bartow (staff), L.-A. McNutt, A. M. Cervantes-Rodriguez & F. Henderson.

Two proposals were considered and are recommended to the GAC for action.

1.        MA Economics Program – Curriculum Amendment

The Economics faculty have established a new program concentration area in Economic Forecasting.  The concentration fits within the existing M.A. curriculum with one exception.  It is proposed that students with this concentration be allowed to complete a new course AECO592, Seminar in Economic Forecasting as the culminating or capstone research requirement, instead of the Masters Essay, AECO698, required of students completing other concentrations.  The Committee recommends (4-0-0) approval of this curriculum amendment, contingent upon a departmental representative attending the GAC meeting when this report is discussed to clarify any questions from members about why this alternate culminating requirement is proposed.

2.        MS Accounting & Taxation Programs – School of Business – Curriculum Amendments

The School of Business has proposed revisions to the BS and MS programs that will, upon registration, qualify graduates who complete the requirements for both degrees (sequentially, no double counting of course work) to sit for the State CPA Examination.  The proposed revisions to the graduate programs are clearly portrayed with ample justification provided.  The Committee is impressed with the thoroughness of the proposal and its presentation.  It is recommended (4-0-0) for approval by the GAC.  Noted, however, is the need for the syllabus for BACC540 to be cleaned up so as to distinguish it from