Graduate Academic Council

2004 – 2005



Minutes of the Council meeting of February 16, 2005

Approved by the Council on March 10, 2005


In attendance:       F. Bolton (staff), H. Meyer, J. Bartow (staff), L.-A. McNutt (Chair), M. Pryse, M. Casserly, M. Jerison, M. Rodriguez & S. Friedman


Unable to attend: B. Joseph, D. Byrd, S. Maloney, S. Shahedipour & O. Ongiti


1.        Minutes of the GAC meetings of 1/26/05 and 2/2/05 were presented and approved unanimously without amendment.


2.        Dean’s Report – M. Pryse


·         Dean Pryse reported that she is working to carve out her Graduate Dean’s space.


·         Graduate applications and admissions for Fall 2005 are up slightly at the masters level compared to last year at this time, with doctoral lagging behind a bit. It is still early.


·         At a future meeting, Dean Pryse would like to engage the Council in a discussion regarding the relationship between doctoral and masters programs at the University.


·         Preparations have begun to expand the graduate studies web presence, especially the academic services components.


·         Prof. Jerison inquired about graduate student support awards allocations.  Dean Pryse indicated she has distributed information to deans about college scholars’ funding and presidential fellowships.  Other allocations, essentially steady-state with the current year, are about to be confirmed with the deans.  The basis for allocations to the schools and colleges will be reviewed in greater detail in the upcoming months.


3.        Chair’s Report – L.-A. McNutt


·         Professor McNutt reported that the two items (departmental name change: Environmental Health Sciences; Ed Admin School Leadership certificate programs) from the GAC that were recently considered by the Senate were both approved on 2/7/05 without significant discussion.


·         Prof. McNutt drew reference to the Council’s work ahead on (1) the Ombuds Proposal and (2) Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs).


4.        Old Business – Ombuds Proposal


An updated draft from the Council’s Ombuds working group was distributed by Chair McNutt.  She highlighted and summarized the details contained within it.  Prof. Meyer advised against including any specific reference to the potential inclusion of Ombuds services to undergrads in this particular proposal.  A friendly amendment was offered and accepted to delete reference in the proposal for Ombuds services to faculty.  Council members discussed the structure and size of the Ombuds Advisory Committee.  An amendment to delete the Chair of the Senate from advisory committee membership was offered by Prof. Jerison.  Prof. McNutt suggested that the proposal as written had very limited resource implications.  The matter of course release for Ombudspersons was discussed but a determination reached to leave it out of the specific proposal.  Prof. Rodriguez stressed the importance of how the Ombuds role will be received by faculty.  Prof. McNutt highlighted the confidential nature of anticipated discussions with appropriate authorizations from students for supportive efforts on their behalf.


Prof. Meyer moved that the amended proposal be approved by the Council for introduction to the Senate as a resolution.  The motion was approved by a vote of 7-0-0.  Prof. McNutt will incorporate the revisions and bring the resolution forward.


5.        Graduate Certificate Proposal Reviews


Chair McNutt distributed a sample of content to be incorporated within a letter to chairs and deans apprising them of review procedures and typical GAC questions pertaining to proposals undergoing review.  Council members agreed generally that such communication would be advisable and helpful.


6.        Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (CAAS)


Jon Bartow highlighted the CAAS report/recommendation on student petition GACCAAS0405-04.  The formal report is appended to the end of these minutes, with a student specific confidential recommendation contained in Council records.  After a period of brief discussion the Council voted 7-0-0 to accept the report and approve the recommendation contained therein.


It was suggested that the School of Business might want to explore a formally registered dual degree relationship between the MS Accounting and MBA programs.  Mr. Bartow agreed to highlight this to the dean.


7.        Future Meetings


It was agreed that an attempt to re-schedule the 3/16/05 meeting to a day/time that might allow GAC CEP&P Chair Don Byrd to participate would be pursued, preferably to a date before the 3/14/05 Senate meeting.  It was also agreed that the UAB would be an acceptable and/or preferred location for future GAC meeting during the Spring 2005 term.


The meeting was adjourned.




To:          Graduate Academic Council


From:      Shadi Shahedipour, Chair

                GAC Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (CAAS)


Date:       February 15, 2005


Subj:       Report and Recommendations


The CAAS met on February 15, 2005.  In attendance were A. Boehm, C. Wagner, D. Peterson, J. Bartow (staff), L. Scoville and S. Shahedipour (Chair).



Two petitions, one from a current student and one from a former student were considered.  Petition GACCAAS0405-04 is recommended for GAC action.  Committee recommendation on petition GACCAAS0405-01 will be reported to the Council in the near future.