Graduate Academic Council

2004 - 2005

Minutes of the Council meeting of January 26, 2005

Approved by the Council on February 16, 2005

In attendance: F. Bolton (staff), H. Meyer, J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (staff), L.-A. McNutt (Chair), M. Pryse, M. Casserly, M. Jerison, M. Rodriguez, O. Ongiti, S. Friedman, S. Maloney & S. Shahedipour

Unable to attend: B. Joseph & D. Byrd

Guest: A. Wagner, Chair, Dept. of Educational Administration & Policy Studies

  1. Greetings - Prof. Marjorie Pryse was introduced as the new Interim Dean of Graduate Studies.
  2. Deanís Report - J. Mumpower

  3. Deanís Report - M. Pryse

  4. Minutes from the meeting of 12/6/04 were unanimously approved as presented.

  5. Old Business - Educational Administration Certificates Proposal (from CC&I)
  6. The proposal to revise and split the Ed Admin grad certificate program (CAS) into three distinct advanced graduate certificate programs was recommended for approval by the Curriculum and Instruction Committee at the December 2004 GAC meeting. It was tabled by the Council awaiting component course actions (revisions and new) detailing/approval in the Department and School of Ed. This has largely occurred, with only 4 of the 19 course proposals, approved within the Department, awaiting final School approval. The other 15 course actions have been fully approved.

    Prof. Alan Wagner, Chair of the Department of Educational Administration & Policy Studies summarized the evolution toward the new certificate structure, which is both responsive to new State Ed Leadership certification standards and incorporates modest curriculum re-design by the faculty.

    There was some discussion regarding the prospect of approving the recommended curriculum revisions without all component course actions being completely approved. Prof. Meyer suggested that the current environment requires an entrepreneurial approach and that action on the proposal was warranted. Prof. McNutt indicated a desire for solidly responsible review by the Council. Prof. Rodriguez highlighted the revised certificates to be "cutting edge." Ms. Ongiti suggested that proposals for certificate programs are deserving of individual consideration.

    The Council by a vote of 7-0-1 voted to approve the certificate proposal contingent upon the final four course proposals being approved within the School of Education.

  7. Chairís Report - L.-A. McNutt
  8. Chair McNutt mentioned the forthcoming review of the proposal for departmental name change in the School of Public Health (see #10 below).

    Campus governance has been asked to comment on the need for wireless computing access on the campus(es). Prof. Rodriguez suggested the need was quite real. Members are asked to email the Chair with any comments on this topic.

    The interface of campus governance with the College of Nanosciences over matters of graduate curriculum is the subject of discussion by an ad-hoc group from the College and the Governance Council.

    Chair McNutt suggested that Spring 2005 meetings (schedule previously announced) be changed to start at 8:30AM (rather than 8:00AM) and that refreshments be eliminated in light of the current campus budget climate. Council members agreed to both suggestions.

  9. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - S. Shahedipour
  10. Prof. Shahedipour indicated that one former studentís petition is still under review and should be concluded soon. Comment documents in response to the Committee and Council prior actions to alert parties about allegations of racial harassment were circulated for information purposes.

  11. Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures
  12. Mr. Bartow indicated the Committee would be meeting in the near future to examine a number of policy matters.

  13. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - M. Rodriguez
  14. Prof. Rodriguez reported about a meeting the prior week to discuss the proposed Public Security track to the Public Sector Management Program. No action was taken due to lack of a quorum. More will follow on this matter.

  15. Proposal for Change of Departmental Name - Environmental Health & Toxicology to Environmental Health Sciences (School of Public Health)
  16. The Council reviewed the proposal transmitted by Dean Levin for this departmental name change. It was suggested that the new title is broader and future oriented, away from a strict bench science orientation.

    By a vote of 9-0-0 the Council acted to endorse the proposed title change.

  17. Ombuds Proposal
  18. On-going discussion of an Ombuds proposal continued from prior meetings. Chair McNutt mentioned her discussion with Interim Provost Mumpower on the topic and encourages endorsement of a best practices approach with recognition of a limited resources environment. Prof. Meyer cited the potential need for one staff person. What about course buy-out? Prof., Meyer suggested that question be addressed after a determination of volume is garnered Ėthat the possible need for such should be noted. Prof. McNutt highlighted the ombuds role as not grievance oriented. Questions of the reporting relationships of the ombudspersons arose. To whom? Council? Governance? President? An objective academic counselor/mediator is envisioned. Prof. McNutt will consult with University Counsel on the topic. Circulation of a revised proposal by email for potential action will be attempted.

  19. Council Meeting Location
  20. The next meeting (2/16/05) will be held at 8:30AM in UAB 320. A determination about future meeting location(s) shall be addressed at that time.

The meeting was adjourned.