Graduate Academic Council

2004 - 2005

Minutes of the Council meeting of December 6, 2004

Approved by the Council on January 26, 2005

In attendance: D. Byrd, F. Bolton (staff), J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (staff), L.-A. McNutt (Chair), M. Jerison, M. Rodriguez, O. Ongiti, S. Friedman & S. Shahedipour

Unable to attend: B. Joseph, H. Meyer, M. Casserly, R. Henderson & S. Maloney

  1. Minutes from the meeting of 11/5/04 unanimously approved as presented.

  2. Dean’s Report - J. Mumpower

    • Enrollment - Dean Mumpower clarified his report from the prior GAC meeting pertaining to the shortfall in enrollments. Graduate enrollments are down 199 (headcount) from the planned figure, leading to an $800,000+ shortfall in the University’s budget. Including the additional undergraduate declines, the overall campus budget shortfall due to enrollments approaches $2 million. The clarification is that these are fall only figures. If the trend continues into Spring 2005, the fiscal year total budgetary shortfall attributable to the declines will approach $3.5 million.

    • The President is moving toward the appointment of a new, interim, Graduate Dean. He has received a short-list of recommended candidates from the search committee.

    • Dean Mumpower engaged a brief discussion with the Council about the fiscal pressures related to enrollments and the State economy.

  3. Chair’s Report - L.-A. McNutt

    • Professor McNutt referenced the work of the Graduate Dean screening committee, on which she served, and indicated there was a strong pool of candidates.

    • Professor McNutt reported on issues of governance interface between the Senate and the new College of Nanoscale Sciences and Engineering. A draft memorandum of understanding on this topic particular to matters of promotion and tenure is in circulation and will be taken up by the Senate at its meeting in the afternoon (12/6/04).

    • A proposal for one or more graduate ombudspersons is still in the works and will be forthcoming.

    • Professor McNutt encourages the Council to consider the establishment of a standardized series of questions to be addressed in the review of graduate certificate program proposals.

  4. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - M. Rodriguez
  5. Professor Rodriguez commented on the written report of the Committee to the Council, appended to the end of these minutes. Regarding the one action item presented - new advanced graduate certificate programs in School Leadership from the School of Education and Department of Educational Administration & Policy Studies - the Council voted 8-0-0 to table action on this matter pending receipt of course proposals referenced within the certificate proposals. The Council voted further to unanimously accept the Committee’s report (with the one variation in proposed action).

  6. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - S. Shahedipour
  7. Professor Shahedipour presented the summary written report (appended to the end of these minutes) and discussed the merits of each confidential case leading to the recommendations for Council action. The Council voted unanimously to accept the committee’s report and approve the recommendations contained therein. The Council voted unanimously to additionally bring a matter of alleged racial harassment detailed in one of the petitions to the attention of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of Diversity & Affirmative Action and the University Life Council.

  8. Spring 2005 Scheduling

Chair McNutt has the summary of members’ availability for meetings in the Spring 2005 term. It is anticipated that Council meetings of greater frequency than the three held in Fall 2004 will be necessary given the anticipated volume of business. "Best fit" meeting dates/times will be announced prior to the start of the Spring term.


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To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Monica Rodriguez, Chair

GAC Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (CC&I)

Date: December 2, 2004

Subject: Report and Recommendations


The CC&I met on December 2, 2004. In attendance were: S. Friedman, F. Henderson, H. Meyer, D. Parker, M. Rodriguez (Chair), J. Bartow (staff), F. Bolton (staff), R. O’Connell (invited guest) and A. Wagner (invited guest). B. Keough, G. Pogarsky and L. Smith were unable to attend.

Two items of business were considered:

  1. Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies – Request for approval of three new Advanced Graduate Certificate programs
  2. Dr. Wagner and Dr. O’Connell, invited guests from the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, answered questions from the Committee concerning their department’s proposal to establish the following three advanced graduate certificates to be submitted to NYSED for approval as registered programs for NYS certification:

    Advanced Graduate Certificate in School Building Leadership
    Advanced Graduate Certificate in School District Leadership
    Advanced Graduate Certificate in School District Business Leadership

    Dr. Wagner explained that these proposed certificates have been crafted to satisfy the new expectations and requirements set down in July of 2003 by the Regents for programs preparing students for positions of leadership in schools and school districts. An internship satisfying 600 hours rather than the present 300 hours is the biggest change to the program. He noted that the programs draw heavily on existing courses. Two new courses for the school building certificate are being developed and will be placed through governance channels. Some courses are to be combined and/or revised. He also stated that "prudent" staffing was available for the student count anticipated for the program.

    Upon completion of this question and answer discussion with Dr. Wagner and Dr. O’Connell the Committee voted 5-0-0 to recommend approval of the three advanced graduate certificates to the Council.

  3. Rockefeller College - Request to add a Public Security Specialization to its established Public Sector Management Graduate Certificate Program

The proposed Public Security specialization focuses on an emerging field of public sector management. Four new courses have been designed for the certificate which is to consist of a 20-credit program of five courses. These courses draw on the knowledge and expertise of faculty from the Department of Public Administration and Policy, the Department of Political Science, the School of Information Science and Policy, and the School of Criminal Justice. It is anticipated that the faculty will add new courses as well as review the content of current courses to best address the field’s changing environment.

While discussing the field of Public Security, the Committee found that it had several questions concerning the changing nature of the courses proposed as the basis of the certificate as well as their seemingly narrow focus on terrorism. The Committee wishes to have these concerns addressed by a representative of the Public Sector Management Graduate Certificate Program with a written response or by acceptance of an offer to attend the CC&I’s next meeting.

The Committee voted 5-0-0 to table further action on this proposal.

The responsibility of the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction as defined in The Charter of the University Senate’s section SX.4.6.2 is to "review new graduate courses and substantive changes to existing graduate courses, as approved within the schools and colleges, subject to final review by the Council." Accordingly, the Course Action Forms utilized and submitted by the schools and colleges to create new courses and to make changes to existing courses will be made available for Committee members to periodically review at upcoming meetings.

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To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Shadi Shahedipour, Chair

GAC Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (CAAS)

Date: December 3, 2004

Subj: Report and Recommendations

The CAAS met on November 17, 2004. In attendance were A. Boehm, J. Bartow (staff), L. Scoville, R. Henderson, R. Irving, S. Shahedipour (Chair) and S. Maloney.

Three petitions from students and former students were considered. One remains under review. Petitions labeled GACCAAS0405-02 and GACCAAS0405-03 are recommended for GAC action.