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The Center for Language and International Communication (CLIC) is part of the College of Arts and Sciences. Coordinated by Lotfi Sayahi and the Committee, the CLIC's staff is dedicated to helping both instructors and students when it comes to technologies applied to language learning and teaching.

The Center for Language and International Communication has a deep commitment to Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

CLIC Committee

Lotfi Sayahi

Lotfi Sayahi, PhD
Associate Professor of Linguistics, Hispanic and Italian Studies  - LLC Chair
Humanities 232
(518) 442-4222
Languages spoken: Arabic, Spanish, English, French.

Susan Blood

Susan Blood, PhD
Associate Professor of French Studies
Humanities 236
Languages spoken: English, French.

Cynthia A. Fox

Cynthia A. Fox, PhD
Associate Professor of French Studies
Humanities 221
Languages spoken: English, French.

Janna L. S. Harton

Janna L. S. Harton
Assistant to the Chair
Humanities 236
(518) 442-4439
Languages spoken: English.

Elizabeth E. Lansing, Ph.D.

Elizabeth E. Lansing, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish Studies
Humanities 240
Languages spoken: English, Spanish.

CLIC Staff

Frédéric Méni

Frédéric Méni, MA
Instructional Support Associate/Coordinator for CLIC and webmaster
Languages spoken: French, English, German.

Tameka Abraham

Tameka Abraham
Student Assistant
Languages spoken: English, Dutch.

Yesleany Gonzalez

Yesleany Gonzalez
Student Assistant
Languages spoken: Spanish, English.

Steigerwald Marc

Marc Steigerwald
Student Assistant
Languages spoken: German, English, French, Latin.


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