Monday, February 7, 2005

9:30-11:30, Terrace Lounge





1. Approval of Prior Minutes


2. Presidentís/Provostís Report


3. Chairís Report


4. Committee Reports


  • University Facilities Committee (UFC) (Frank Hauser).
  • Resource Analysis and Planning Committee (RAPC) (Nancy Claiborne).
  • University Resources and Priorities Advisory Committee (URPAC) Representatives (Tim Hoff and Edelgard Wulfert).


5. Continuation of Earlier Business


  • Review of 1996 Task Force on the 4-Credit Standard (Ronald Bosco and Sue Faerman). (Please review the Report of the 1996 Task Force on the 4-Credit Standard, chaired by Ronald Bosco.)
  • Update on Analysis of Survey on Student Satisfaction (Edelgard Wulfert).
  • Review of Document on Institutional Response to 1998 Task Force on Retention and Quality of Undergraduate Student Life (Bruce Szelest). (Please review attached email from Bruce Szelest to Carolyn MacDonald and Summary of Institutional Responses.)


6. New Business


  • Proposed College focused on Information and Computing (Peter Bloniarz).
  • Proposed Certificate Program, School of Education.


7.Other Business.