Monday, January 24, 2005

(Meeting to be convened by Carolyn MacDonald)


Terrace Lounge




  1. Approval of Minutes

    November 29, 2004


2.   Discussion/Election of UPC Chair for Spring, 2005


3.   President’s/Provost’s Report


  1. Outgoing Chair’s Report

               Request for any additional UPC feedback (as group or from individuals) on the Provost’s Assessment Advisory Committee’s DRAFT “Institutional Assessment Plan,” particularly the attached “Linkages between assessment

                  and planning and resource allocation functions”       

                Unfinished business:

                          Discussion of Recommendations from 1998 Retention Task Force chaired by John Pipkin

                          Discussion of Report from 1996 Task Force on the 4-Credit Standard

                            chaired by Ronald Bosco


  1.  Committee Reports

   University Facilities Committee (UFC) – Frank Hauser

               Resource Analysis and Planning Committee (RAPC) –Nancy Claiborne


      6.  Old Business

         Status of UPC-sponsored in-house scientific survey (Edelgard Wulfert)

            (Review “Retention Task Force Recommendations” previously sent UPC

            members by Jayne on 11-05)


7.  New Business

                “SIRF to Web” discussion (guest: Wendell Lorang)


  1. Adjournment