Undergraduate Academic Council


Meeting Date:

Thursday, September 1, 2005, 9:00-10:35 AM.




J. Philippe Abraham, Jeanette Altarriba, Seth Chaiken, Richard Collier, Ingrid Fisher, Sue Faerman, Anne Hildreth, Carolyn Malloch, Lisa Trubitt, Sue Phillips (Guest)



Minutes from last semester’s May 4, 2005 meeting were reviewed and corrections acknowledged. Those minutes, with required updates, were approved.  The May 11, 2005 minutes will be reviewed at the next meeting.


Chair’s Report:


The Chair mentioned that some members were unable to attend today’s meeting but will be in attendance next Monday. Future meetings will be held on Mondays from 9:30-11:00 AM.


Minutes from last two meetings (5-4 and 5-11) will be reviewed today.


The Chair previously e-mailed Council members regarding membership or chairing UAC subcommittees. The following have volunteered to be Chairs.


-         Scott Barclay, Committee on Academic Standing

-         Robert Gibson, Committee on Admissions and Academic Standing

-         Anne Hildreth, General Education Committee

-         Karin Reinhold, Curriculum and Honors Committee

-         Lisa Trubitt, Interdisciplinary Studies Committee.


Council members volunteered to work on committees. Carolyn Malloch agreed to be a member of either the Gen Ed or Academic Standing committees. Lisa Trubitt will work on the Committee on Academic Standing. Dean Faerman mentioned she sends an e-mail at the beginning of each semester to Deans requesting departmental representatives to staff the UAC subcommittees. Sue Phillips will discuss volunteering for the subcommittees with her staff. Anne Hildreth mentioned that the Gen Ed Committee requires three teaching faculty members and two professionals. Both Jeanette Altarriba and Seth Chaiken volunteered for the Curriculum and Honors Committee.


Report from Seth Chaiken, Last Semester’s Chair:


Seth Chaiken mentioned he spoke with Sheila Mahan earlier today regarding the advising policy proposal. A joint committee of UAC and UPC met for discussions during the summer with Sheila in attendance. She expects to forward the revised proposal to UPC and UAC within a week.


Seth informed the Council of the working groups proposed by UPC and endorsed by UAC. Summer meetings included discussions on honors issues, resources, university-wide framework, etc. The next meeting, mid-September, will include our new provost, Susan Herbst. UAC should receive a report by late-September.

UAC Minutes, 9/1/05

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Other Business:


The Executive Committee met during the summer to discuss the concept of proposing a change in the Senate Charter making both the Director of Advisement Services and the Associate Dean in charge of Honors Programs to be ex officio members of the Council, similar to the Associate Dean for General Education. The Senate Chair has indicated there have been concerns expressed regarding increased representation on councils by administrators. Since the full Council was not in attendance today, the Chair suggested discussion take place at a future meeting. Seth Chaiken will e-mail a draft a proposal to Council members to review before next week’s meeting. It was noted that additional membership would require a change in the charter.


Dean Faerman mentioned that the Associate Dean for General Education is not necessarily a precedent. The General Education Committee was a separate body, and when it was placed under UAC it was with the condition that the Associate Dean would continue to chair the committee (and therefore would need to be an ex officio member of UAC).


Concerning whether the Director of Advisement Services should attend UAC meetings, it was noted that part of the advisement policy is to create a new advisory board for advisement. The advisement policy will be connected with UAC. Transfer students are being advised at “Gen Ed Central” at the campus center during the beginning of the semester. Staff from Dean Faerman’s office staffed the booth. Working groups and the task force group all gathered information for improvement with advisement. The task force will draft a bill for consideration by UAC and the Senate.


Resource impact was questioned and referred to UPC. Both UAC and UPC created a reconciliation committee. A report from Sheila Mahan will be forwarded to UAC. Dean Faerman mentioned that a task force was pulled together with a request for staffing from UAC members as well as solicitation from advisement services groups across the campus. Both UAC and UPC met to discuss legislation regarding resources. Although the task force is still in existence, it may be reconstituted after legislation is passed. A new name will be designated for the task force and it may be under UAC. The finished proposal will be presented within a couple weeks and will have a line item. Questions were raised on how resources will be maintained for improved advisement, what group will maintain web pages, etc. Although the resource question was not resolved by UAC, the proposal will have suggestions on resources. The proposal will also state that certain constituencies must be represented on the task force.


Journalism Major Proposal:


The Council previously approved the proposal on the condition that two areas would be updated. Maintaining and upgrading the Science Library’s Digital Media Laboratory was discussed. The resources statement mentions that in Fall 2006, ITS will assume authority of the maintenance and upgrades. Lisa Trubitt questioned ITS’ role. Although ITS performs periodic PC replacement, additional software must be procured by the departments or schools that wish to use them. The resources question still remains on where resources are coming from and who pays for those resources. Dean Faerman mentioned that the Journalism Department would receive priority in scheduling space. Responsibility for space scheduling will be under the Registrar’s office.

UAC Minutes, 9/1/05

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Executive Committee meetings discussed matters pertaining to compact planning as well as governance. UAC is involved with compact planning policy and where funding for new initiatives originate. Dean Faerman mentioned that departments should be composing their plans and then forwarding the compact planning information. It was mentioned that resource allocation would not only impact this program but also determine its continuation. It was requested that the


Senate Bill include a statement that UAC is concerned with the number of majors allowed or set. We should just allow students already in the pipeline to continue. At the moment there is not a stampede towards this major. The effective date takes place after both SUNY and the State have given their approval. During the interim, the Senate should approve the proposal while awaiting downtown approval.


The question was raised on whether to make this a faculty-initiated major. There are several new requirements that are not created, and this would make it difficult to be designated faculty-initiated. Some curriculum does not presently exist. Courses will not exist until the program is approved. Although faculty-initiated would be difficult, there should be no problem designating it as student-initiated. The President will not authorize the proposal unless we have resources to mount it. The proposal will be forwarded to the Senate and then downtown for the customary 60-day review period. Dean Faerman mentioned the campus should expect site visits. If there is a large student demand, perhaps we could review a modified template for faculty-initiated while awaiting SUNY/State approval. The proposal, core course offerings, etc. could be discussed on the Senate floor. The Chair distributed a handout regarding Bob Gibson’s thoughts.


Educational Studies Minor Revision Proposal:


Two minors in the revision proposal would remove the urban minor. 18 credits will be from the School of Education. The structure and advisement issues will provide many concentrations merely as guides to students. The proposal needs to be reviewed by the Curriculum and Honors Committee. Dean Faerman stated that proposals should include the Bulletin language. If a proposal does not include the precise wording as it should appear in the bulletin, Dick Collier should request that wording before the proposal is considered. Dick Collier will also clarify whether RA courses can count toward the new minor.


Concerning Bulletin language, it was mentioned that commonality does not exist in course action request forms since departments and schools have their own format. Dean Faerman mentioned that one of the working groups will discuss Bulletin wording.


Upcoming Issues:


Upcoming issues to discuss: IT Commons and academic structure at the undergraduate level.


Next Meeting:

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Monday, 9/12/05, 9:30 AM, LC-31.


Minutes Taken:

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies.