Undergraduate Academic Council

Meeting Date:

Monday, September 13, 2004, 2:00-3:15 PM.


J. Philippe Abraham, Scott Barclay, Seth Chaiken, Richard Collier, Randall Craig, Rachel Dressler, Robert Gibson, Trudi Jacobson, Carolyn Malloch, Joan Savitt, David Smith, Lisa Trubitt


Since this is the first UAC meeting for the 2004-2005 academic years, no minutes were reviewed.


After the Chair introduced himself, he requested introductions by all attending individuals.

Chair’s Report:

-  The Chair requested the 2003-2004 Chair, Joan Savitt, to report on UAC’s overall

   accomplishments from the previous year.

   l A full set of approved minutes is accessible on-line via the Senate’s website.

   l UAC reviewed and/or completed the majority of the requested 19 projects.

   l Advisement at the University is an on-going project with various departments/schools

      providing input during summer meetings. Course availability and other problems are

      being reviewed.

   l A policy to reconsider second bachelor students was never written.

   l The policy for second bachelor students wishing to receive Latin honors has been tabled.

   l Admission of general studies students for regular, first degrees will be re-visited.

   l A proposed revision to the undergraduate honors program in History will return to the

      Council for further discussion. The Chair mentioned the History proposal should be

      completed by December 2004 for a Spring 2005 implementation.

-  The Chair mentioned that the re-write for the Music Department’s curriculum revisions

   proposal will be presented at an upcoming UAC meeting.

Other Business:

-  The Chair mentioned the value of inviting department representatives when their proposals are


-  A recent survey published by The Princeton Review indicating the University as the country’s

#1 party school was briefly discussed. The Chair mentioned the Council's passing of revisions in policies governing excuses from undergraduate classes, exams, and timely completion of assignments as an example to be emphasized to faculty for what can be done to improve Albany's undergraduate academic culture, and he raised the question of how such policies are publicized to the whole faculty.

-  The Chair questioned the method of how bills passed by UAC are tracked. It was explained

that after Senate approval and the President’s signature is obtained, the bills are posted on the Senate website

Review of Sub-Committees:

Please refer to the Senate’s website for further information on the Undergraduate Academic Council and its subcommittees (http://www.albany.edu/senate/). Click on “The Charter of the University Senate” (pdf file).

(1)   Committee on General Education

Since Anne Hildreth was unable to attend, Dick Collier reported on the Gen Ed Committee. Associate Dean Anne Hildreth has been working with members wishing to remain on the committee. Both Dick Collier and Anne Hildreth have been meeting to work on the information flow. Pat McAuliff is assigned with on-line updates to the website. Teaching faculty members are needed for this committee. Two years ago, the assessment was of the disciplinary perspective categories. Last year’s assessment was of cultural/history, math, and foreign language. Info lit and oral discourse will be assessed in Fall 2004, and written discourse will be assessed in Spring 2005. The Committee is also reviewing responses from two years ago where problems were identified. Some courses may be removed from some categories. Three more members are needed. Greg Stevens and Gladys Santiago-Tosado are interested in Gen Ed Committee.

The Chair mentioned UAC should consider looking at the other side of the coin in being proactive with departments to ensure courses are eligible for Gen Ed requirements. He mentioned he has heard much on campus regarding the unavailability of Gen Ed courses.

(2)   Committee on Admissions and Academic Standing

Bob Gibson volunteered to continue as Chair. Trudi Jacobson, Carolyn Malloch, Joan Savitt, and Lisa Trubitt are interested in being members of this committee.

(3)   Committee on Academic Standing

Philippe Abraham volunteered to Chair (and is thus a member of CAAS as well). Scott Barclay and Gerry Burke are interested in being members of CAS.

(4)   Curriculum and Honors Committee

No individual was selected to chair this committee. Rachel Dressler volunteered to be a member.

(5)   Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

At some future date, this committee will study faculty-initiated study in Journalism and Film Studies. Randy Craig agreed to be Chair of this committee, and Gene Bunnell is interested in this committee.

Dave Smith informed the Chair to place him on whatever committee is in need of members. The Chair will compile the subcommittee listing of members and then e-mail to committee members.

Confirmed Meeting Time:

The Chair mentioned that every Monday, 2:00-3:00 PM is the official meeting time for the Council.

Previous Minutes:

Joanne Baronner has minutes with handouts from 2003-2004 UAC meetings in Undergraduate Studies if any members wish to review.

Next Meeting:

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Monday, 9/20/04, 2:00 PM, LC-31.

Minutes Taken:

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies