NYKids researchers teamed up with other School of Education faculty to complete research on Odds-Beating Schools and the Common Core.


New book on the Common Core Implementation Study, click here.

Upcoming Presentations:

AERA 2017 Annual Meeting - "High Literacy in Odds-Beating Middle Schools Implementing the Common Core," Sunday, April 30. See details and abstract here.

Research Reports:

Click on the links below to see reports on research completed by this team.
• Theory of Action Research Report
• Elementary Schools Cross Case Study Research Report
• Middle Schools Cross Case Study Research Report
• Representative Case Studies Research Report

Methods and Procedures Common Core Elementary and Middle School Cross Case Study Research Report


"Odds-Beating Schools in the Common Core Era," by Dr. Kristen Wilcox and the UAlbany team, cited in the New York Common Core Task Force Report, December 2015, p.23.

"In the Common Core Era, Schools Need Good Organizational Gardening," an article published in On Board, September 2015.

Past Presentations:

• "Odds-Beating Schools in the Common Core Era," a CASDA presentation on leadership, instruction, and a Theory of Action, November 2015.

  • "Odds-Beating Schools in the Common Core Era," a University of Albany School of Education Day presentation by Kristen Wilcox, Hal Lawson, Francesca Durand, Katy Schiller, and Karen Gregory, September 2015.

  • Click on the links to see the symposium presentations on the Practices & Processes of Odds-Beating Elementary Schools, presented April 2015 at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.