Policies and Regulations

Federal Sponsor Policies

Agency Specific Policies

NIH Grants Policy Statements
NIH Public Access Publications
NSF Grants Policy Manual
U.S. Department of Education (EDGAR)

General Federal Policies

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)
Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP)
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Foreign Per Diem Rates
Office of Management and Budget Circulars

Private Sector Policies and Regulations
Policies and regulations differ from one entity to another. Be certain to review carefully the terms and conditions attached to your award agreement.

University Policies


The Research Foundation of State University of New York
Policies and Regulations for Management of Grants

More information on the policies listed below can be found on the
Research Foundation web site http://www.rfsuny.org
NOTE: In order to access the Research Foundation web site, you must obtain a
user name and password

  • Agreement Execution Policy
  • Application Review and Endorsement
  • Certification of Salary Distribution (Effort Reporting) Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Contracts with State Agencies Policy
  • Electronic Record Management Policy
  • Fixed Price Balance Award Administration Policy
  • Fraud Policy
  • Fringe Benefits Costs Recovery Policy
  • Gifts, Contributions, and Fund-Raising Policy
  • Indirect Cost Recovery Policy
  • Monitored Sub-recipients Policy
  • Patents and Inventions Policy
  • Policy on Publication of Research Activities
  • Record Retention Policy for Paper and/or Data Records
  • Responsibility for Losses Policy
  • Retention of Legal Counsel Out of Foundation-Administered Sponsored Funds Policy
  • Sponsored Program Application Policy
  • Stationery Policy of the Research Foundation
  • Transfer of Costs Policy
  • Transfer of Sponsored Projects Policy