Governance Council

October 15, 2004


Present:            R. Collier, R. Hoyt, A. Lyons, G. Marschke, S. Messner (Chair), J. Pasquill,

J. Pipkin, R. M. Range, H. Scheck, H. Strother, J. Wessman

Minutes:              The Minutes of October 1, 2004 were approved.

Update on the Report to the Senate on the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) Bylaws and Charter:

Professor Messner reported that he presented the Governance Council report on the CNSE Bylaws and Charter to the Senate at its meeting of October 4, 2004.  The Senate received the report favorably and passed a resolution endorsing the Council’s recommendations.  Professor Hassaram Bakhru, the CNSE representative at the Senate meeting, commented favorably on the Senate floor also.  The Interim President of the CNSE Faculty Senate, Professor Eric Lifshin, later communicated to University Senate Chair MacDonald indicating that the CNSE faculty welcomes the recommendation of the University Senate and looks forward to assigning a group of representatives to work diligently with the University Senate designated representatives to address the issues identified in the report.  CNSE faculty members have selected its three representatives.

Response to the President:

Professor Messner suggested that the Council formally request an extension of the deadline to provide a response to Interim President Ryan, since the original deadline of October 8, 2004 has passed.  He reported that he conferred with Senate Chair MacDonald and Professor Lifshin and they both agreed with the idea of jointly requesting an extension from Interim President Ryan.  Professor Messner proposed to the Council members that he would draft the memo with input from Professor Lifshin.  The memo should be ready to present to Interim President Ryan at the next Executive Committee meeting.  A motion authorizing Professor Messner to draft the letter of extension was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

Communication with CNSE:

Professor Messner reported that he explained to Professor Lifshin that the working group would go through the appendix line-by-line and point-by-point.  The group will be able to identify any issues that are not in agreement.  The group does not speak on behalf of the Senate with the capacity to change things; the Senate did not delegate power.  If there is conflict with any issues, they will be brought to the Senate.

Nominations to the Working Group:

(1)  Professor Messner was nominated. The nomination was seconded.  He accepted the  nomination.

(2)    Professor Range was nominated. The nomination was seconded.  He accepted the nomination.

(3)    Professor Armstrong was nominated. The nomination was seconded.  Professor Armstrong was not present at the meeting. Professor Messner will contact her.

(4)    Professor Pipkin was nominated as a possible replacement if Professor Armstrong is unable or unwilling to serve.  The nomination was seconded.  He declined the nomination because he is currently serving on the Ad hoc University-wide Governance Committee.

A motion to approve the first three nominations to the working group was made and seconded. The motion was approved unanimously.

Committee on Liaison and Elections:

Professor Lyons reported that the Committee will meet on November 4, 2004, to discuss the election for the professional seat on URPAC.  The URPAC Professional Staff representative is elected to serve a two-year term.  Since URPAC was not active last year, it was suggested that the person that served it last year, Jon Bartow, might serve for one more year.  Then, the Committee will hold a two-year term election next year.  The Council members discussed this suggestion and resolved to support it if Dr. Bartow is willing to serve again this year.

Mission Review II:

Professor Range referred to pages 59 and 60 of the Mission Review II document, which refers to the CNSE structure as being “independent of the university.”  He was concerned about that language being premature since the structure of CNSE is ongoing.  After some discussion, Council members agreed and asked Professor Messner to bring their concerns to Interim Provost Mumpower.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Jayne VanDenburgh, Recorder