2004-05 Chair:Marjorie Pryse


October 11, 2004

Meeting Minutes



Present:††††††††† J. Bartow, R. Baum, N. Claiborne, J. Hanifan, F. Hauser, F. Henderson, T. Hoff, S.B. Kim, J. Langer, K. Lowery, C. MacDonald, D. McCaffrey, J. Mumpower,

††††††††††††††††††††††† G. Paul, M. Pryse, E. Wulfert


Guest:†††††††††††† Professor Betty Daniel, Economics



Presidentís Report - Presented by Interim Provost Jeryl Mumpower:


Interim Provost Mumpower reported that the financial implications of the enrollment shortfall are serious and that action needs to be taken to address the shortfall at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.Enrollment will be the sole subject of the next scheduled Deans' Council meeting.There are approximately 456 undergraduate students and approximately 199 graduate students less than we planned (about 4% short of our target).One reason for fewer incoming freshmen than expected is because of the lower yield rate for group 2 students. However, the university currently has 40% group 1, which exceeds the target.Transfers are down at about only 15.


Chairís Report Ė Presented by Professor Marjorie Pryse:


URPAC Representative Ballot:Professor Pryse announced that Professor Wulfert has been elected to represent UPC on URPAC, and thanked both Professor Wulfert and Professor Hauser for offering to represent UPC.Professor Kim suggested that UPC should nominate Professor Hauser as an alternate and made a motion to appoint him as such.The motion was seconded, and unanimously agreed upon.Professor Hauser will serve as the alternate to represent UPC on URPAC.


Mission Review II Draft Document:†† Professor Pryse noted that there were some grammatical and/or typographical errors in the document and asked to whom comments should be sent.Interim Provost Mumpower suggested that stylistic comments should be sent to Sheila Mahan and substantive comments should be sent to him with a copy to Sheila Mahan, so she can assemble all the comments.


Comments on the document:


        Professor MacDonald indicated that there are items in the document which would commit this campus to projects that have not yet passed through governance review and asked if that was intended.Interim Provost Mumpower used the example of the Honors College being mentioned in the document and noted that it will have to be addressed.The document contains a self-description and there should be appropriate language indicating that things are under proposal and review.The issues will have to go through governance first before being proposed in the MOU, unless it has the qualifying words.Professor Pryse noted an imbalance between the attention the document gives to professional programs and the relative lack of attention it gives to undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. Others commented that they had also observed this imbalance.



        Professor Kim expressed concern with the graduation rates quoted in the document and mentioned that the document does not include rates after the year 2000.There was discussion on a four year lag in the document based upon entrance dates.The document refers to students graduating in 2004, which means they entered in 2000.Professor Kim offered to send more up to date information to the Provostís Office on graduation rates.


        Professor Kim questioned the admissions statement regarding statistics on the amount of time spent to complete a degree program.There was discussion on the purpose of the statistics, especially since some statistics show that it takes students many years to complete a degree program.It was noted that the university has to account for all students.


        Professor Pryse pointed out that the faculty awards listing is incorrect on page 16; some awards are not included (such as NEH) and the language concerning applying for or being nominated for the MacArthur Fellowship is incorrect.


        The document does not include specific information concerningpart time faculty,†† does not include statistics concerning the percentage of courses offered at UAlbany are offered by part-time faculty, and does not offer comparative statistics from at least those peer institutions within SUNY.


Interim Provost Mumpower emphasized that the Mission Review document is in draft form and thanked the Council members for their comments.


Professor Pryse asked for suggestions on the way in which the Council members would like to present the comments, i.e., write motions, create an ad hoc committee, or charge the task to the Resource Analysis and Planning Committee (RAPC).The members present agreed that it should be discussed at RAPC since it is a smaller group, and reported back to the Council.The Council will submit its comments as a whole.Interim Provost Mumpower agreed that comments would carry more weight coming from UPC collectively, as UPC is a very important consultative body to the President.


Proposal for Advanced Certificate in Economic Forecasting:Guest:Professor Betty Daniel, Chair, Economics Department


Professor Daniel introduced the bill and explained that the Advanced Certificate is intended to enhance the professional masterís degree and provide certification to people already in the workforce in this area.The difference between this certificate and the professional masterís is that this is a five course program and the professional masterís is a ten course program.The professional masterís includes economics courses and requires a masterís essay and an internship, which the five course program does not.There are no additional resources required for this certificate program.


Professor Daniel indicated that the program can be completed within a year, but students already in the workforce will most likely take five semesters to complete it.There was a question on a time limit for completing the program, based upon changing technology and Professor Daniel agreed that a time limit was something to consider.


After discussion, there was a motion to vote on the bill and it was seconded.All were in favor, the bill passed with no abstentions.The bill will be forwarded to the Graduate Academic Council for approval.


Formation of the Resource Analysis and Planning Committee (RAPC):

Nancy Claiborne, Chair

Goutam Paul, Graduate Student Representative

George Kamberelis

John Kalas

Brian Doubleday

Edelgard Wulfert

David McCaffrey

Judith Langer

Timothy Hoff

Marjorie Pryse (as UPC chair)

Jeryl Mumpower

Kim Murray

Kathryn Lowery


Formation of the University Facilities Committee (UFC):

Frank Hauser (subsequently elected as Chair in an organizational meeting convened at the end of the UPC meeting)


Rachel Baum

Jonathan Bartow

Elizabeth Gaffney

Jil Hanifan

Floyd Henderson

Kathryn Lowery

Sung Bok Kim

Stacy Stern